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The Phoenix is rising ...

H. L. Phoenix (1982) is an award winning author, illustrator and comic book artist.

The first comic book Arkin - Guardian of the Light: The Secret was published in March 2021. It went straight to the national bestseller lists in Norway. One year later it's back on the charts. In June 2022 it was chosen as "Book of the Month" in Norways biggest bookstore chain.

The second book in the series: The Hope, hit top 3 at Norli's best selling children's books, the same Top 10 lists at ARK's and the national Top 10 list  the first week of launch! After four weeks it was still at TOP 10! Friday the 24th of June it was chosen as "one of the best books - summer 2022" by Norways biggest newspaper; VG.

The third book in the series: The Choice, hit nr. 1 at Norli's best selling children's books and was the third most sold children's book i Norway the first week of launch! In April 2023 H. L. Phoenix was selected "Illustrator of the Month", by the Norwegian Children's Book Institution. 

The children's book The Little Hen With Poop In Her Backpack also experienced success, with both the Norwegian and the English version, still after 44 consecutive weeks, ranking at nr.1 and nr.2 at Lesemester, with near 17 000 votes! 

Lesemester is a platform for Norwegian schools containing more than 1600 e-books, ranked by the kids.

In March 2022 H. L. Phoenix and his fantasy series won the very first Raven Rings Prize! A prize formed by the multiple award-winning and internationally bestselling author Siri Pettersen. You can read more about this further down ...

Guardian of the light.png
An award winning graphic fantasy series by H. L. Phoenix
Arkin - Guardian of the Light
T H E     S E C R E T

A beautiful portal fantasy series where dreams come true, where loneliness and longing saves lives, and where the smallest person casts the longest shadow!

A stunningly illustrated epic for children and adults, ages 9 and up.

Arkin is a lonely and anxious boy who has always felt different from everyone else. But Arkin is also smart, and has an unusual talent in drawing. It’s been eight months since he lost his mother, and the void she left behind is about to devour him completely.

Everything changes the day a mysterious elderly janitor at his school leaves Arkin an even more mysterious riddle. As he solves the riddle, a magical world unravels  …

This book series is captivating, beautiful, touching, warm and peculiar; filled to the brim with all the ingredients that a proper epic should possess!
Arkin - Guardian of the Light: The Secret is the first book of four in the series about Arkin.

ARKIN - Lysets vokter: HEMMELIGHETEN Cover
2022 - ARKIN - Lysets vokter - HÅPET COVER.jpg
Arkin - Guardian of the Light
T H E     H O P E

Book 2 in the series, The Hope, starts of with a magical journey ...

When Arkin pets Melion Layt, he’s quite literally «shocked»; the panther doesn’t seem to be any ordinary creature. He tells Arkin he is a so-called «elemental» – a being made of pure energy. Arkin gets on his back, and they start flying towards Hevádriel.

Melion has proven to be one of the Guardians of the Light, and he takes Arkin with him to a magical realm called Hevádriel. Here everything is beautiful, luminous, full of energy and life, but even in this beautiful garden something withers. A phantom threat, which has been allowed to grown and grown in secret, has now awakened ... Arkin realizes that Hevádriel is no longer safe - but will he make the kingdom's powerful leaders realize the same thing?


With world-class illustrations, H. L. Phoenix takes us on an adventurous journey to magical place ...

Arkin - Guardian of the Light
T H E     C H O I C E

The third book in the Arkin series, The Choice, puts the main character in front of a difficult choice ...

Arkin has convinced the Council to hold off on wiping out humanity. But in return will be he sent out alone on a journey from which it will be impossible to return! Arkin must take one fateful choice, which affects both his world, and the magical reality for ever!


The Arkin series won the Ravneringene award in 2022! The winner of the prize, the fantasy author Siri Pettersen, says the following about the series:


"This is stunningly beautiful and evocative world-class illustration. The concept is razor sharp, with a strong visual identity and iconic design.

COVER-2023---ARKIN-III_-VALGET (1).jpg

© 2023 All rights reserved Helge Lee a.k.a H. L. Phoenix


The ARKIN - Guardian of Light series is supported by the Cultural Council and the Norwegian Illustration Fund

In March 2022 H. L. Phoenix won the very first fantasy award — The Raven rings Prize — for his authorship, his books, his impressive quality and drive. He is the first to receive this award, founded by the bestselling and award-winning author, the lovingly labeled Norwegian fantasy queen: Siri Pettersen.
ABOUT THE WINNER — By Siri Pettersen

I am thrilled to announce that the first Raven Rings Prize goes to Helge Lee (H.L. Phoenix) creator of the graphic novel «Arkin - Guardian of the Light», a portal fantasy for young readers. Launched last year, but I’ve seen what’s coming. It’s huge, ambitious, and tremendously well executed.

It’s easy to praise the level of expertise. «Arkin» is gorgeous, with world-class illustrations. Captivating and emotional, like beloved animated movies. The concept is clear, with solid, visual identity. Light branches through the pages like veins, creating a vibrating, beckoning world that makes your jaw drop. It’s alive. Sensual. A story you can hear as much as read.

But «Arkin» is so much more than beautiful, it’s a life raft. Vulnerable and naked. It explores weighty topics, yet manages to lift you up, and that’s precisely where it hits me the hardest! It goes to the very core of what fantasy can be: Stories that provide meaning, in meaninglessness. Hope, when it seems hopeless.

We despair of the world’s lack of empathy, of cynicism. «Arkin» is an antidote. These are books that will help young readers cope with the unbearable, and ignite their will to fight. These are books that can save lives. For many, «Arkin» will not be just a story - it will be THE story.

Mentoring is a part of The Raven Rings Prize (the learning has been mutual) and when you offer your time, it better be to someone you can bear. I hit the jackpot. Helge is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve had the fortune to meet. Smart, creative, and dedicated, with a big heart. Gratitude is his superpower, born from loss. He is humble and ambitious, a tough combo to master. But above all, he has a truly exceptional work ethic.

I founded this prize to promote writers with impressive work and drive. That’s Helge on level 0, on his lowest setting, on a really bad day. On his best, he created the story that made me remember why I write fantasy.

«Arkin» has the potential to generate new fantasy lovers all over the world! Dear Helge, thank you for what you are doing for Norwegian fantasy. It’s my enormous pleasure and privilege to be a part of your journey.

NORLA promotes the export of Norwegian literature through active profiling work and translation subsidies. Operations are financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.
For further information, please visit NORLA’s website.
ARKIN - Lysets vokter: HÅPET
The first books in the graphic novel series Arkin - Guardian of the Light have been chosen as focus titles at NORLA's list 2022.
Both "The Secret" and "The Hope" have reached the top lists in Norway. 
1. place Norli.jpg
Book of the Month - Arkin
ARKIN - Best books of summer 2022
test baksiden promo.png
"I am almost lost for words ...
This is a magical book that gives faith, hope and courage. Nothing less."

"Beautiful. Full of hope. A visually captivating dream with the heart on the outside. "

Siri Pettersen

International bestselling and award-winning author

"An impressive
visual story. "

Lisa Aisato

International bestselling and award-winning
author and illustrator


 Ann Hilde Bolstad

Author and teacher


ARKIN - Guardian of Light: THE SECRET is supported by the Cultural Council and the Norwegian Illustration Fund

Norsk Illustrasjonsfond.png
H. L. Phoenix is a sought-after author and speaker. The last years he has been visiting schools, public libraries and literature book fair. He loves to interact with his readers, and spends a lot of time lecturing and meeting fans all over Norway. He always takes his time signing books and talking with the kids and parents.
This gallery contains pictures from different events and happenings in Norway in 2021 and 2022.
H. L. Phoenix is represented by Story House Egmont.
For questions about foreign rights,
please contact:
Tonje Tornes
Children's books and Comics Editor
Egmont Kids Media Nordic
PO Box 4684 Nydalen
0405 Oslo, Norway
ARKIN - Lysets vokter: HÅPET
Untitled_Artwork 31_edited.jpg
The Little Hen LOGO 2022 kopi.png
stars kopi.png

Artemisia's World 

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stars kopi.png


Ann Hilde Bolstad

One of the most popular e-books in Norway!

1. place in Norwegian schools at Lesemester since June 2021 with over 5,500 individual votes!


© 2022 All rights reserved Helge Lee a.k.a H. L. Phoenix and LEVEL X™ AS

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.
LEVEL X ™ is the publishing house of "The Little Hen With Poop In Her Backpack". For questions about the foreign rights
please contact:
Helge Lee
Publisher nr. 978-82-93727
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Foto: Marianne Wåhlberg

H .  L .  P H O E N I X

The award-winning author, illustrator and comic book artist H. L. Phoenix (pseudonym) was born in 1982, and grew up in a suburb outside Oslo.


He won his first drawing contest at the age of 8. In the years that followed, he immersed himself in illustration and design, and quickly became passionate about the genre of fantasy. He has worked independently as a designer and illustrator for over fifteen years, and during this time he has won several national and international drawing and design contests.


In 2022, he won the very first Raven Rings Prize, the Arkin series and his achievements as a writer. The prize is created and personally awarded by the Norwegian fantasy queen Siri Pettersen.


He is a certified youth-worker with over 20 years of experience working with children and young people with different challenges and needs. He is also a personal trainer and nutritionist.

He is a regular speaker at the yearly "Boys' Conference" in connection with World Mental Health Day, speaking to several hundred boys in 10th grade about daring to be themselves, making thoughtful choices and the importance of sharing emotions.


H. L. Phoenix is represented by Egmont, which publishes the graphic novel series "Arkin - Guardian of the Light".

He lives in Asker with his wife and two children.

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